Quartzite For Your Home Or Business

Quartzite is a natural stone that appeals to the eco-conscious because it’s made by nature and contains only naturally occurring components. It’s formed beneath the earth’s surface when quartz-rich sandstone is altered through high pressure and temperature, then mined and cut into slabs. Quartzite countertops are a popular option for countertops not only because of their beautiful appearance but also because they are very durable.

Le Blanc                                          122″ x 77″    1 1 /4


Platinum                                          107″ x 74″    3/4


Cristallo                                          131″ x 76″    3/4


Royal Fantasy                                    123″ x 76″    3/4


Bianco Superior                                 127″ x 78″    3/4


Opus White                                      130″ x 80″    3/4


Taj Mahal                                         125″ x 74″    3/4


Deep Blue                                           133″ x 77″    3/4


Explosion Black                                  125″ x 77″    3/4


Essenza Blue                                     129″ x 76″    3/4


Blue Fusion                                        127″ x 77″    3/4


Meridian                                           124″ x 75″    3/4


Destin                                                123″ x 77″    3/4


Negresco                                           126″ x 77″    3/4


Dakar                                                  131″ x 79″    3/4



Quartzite is a natural material that is durable, heat-resistant, low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and looks like marble.


Caring for quartzite is similar to caring for granite. We recommend wiping up counters regularly with a gentle cleanser, water, and a soft cloth or paper towel.

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