Granite For Your Home Or Business

Granite is a truly natural stone in every sense of the word, characterful, timeless, rich in appearance and durable. For centuries it has been the number one choice of material for architects and designers looking to add natural show pieces to their projects. Stone Culture have been bringing Granite Kitchen Worktops to life for over a decade now, we began our small operation with just a few machines and tons of passion to set off on our journey to bring stone to homes and businesses.

Gold Brazil                                                      3/4


Via Lactea                                                 3/4 – 1 1/4


Black Mist                                                  3/4 – 1 1/4


White Fortaleza                                  3/4 – 1 /1/4


Dallas White                                                   3/4


White Itauna                                                   3/4


Delicatus                                                     3/4


Bordeaux River                                               3/4


Dalia White                                                3/4


Piracema                                                         3/4


Ubatuba                                                       3/4


Blue Fantasy                                                    3/4


San Miguel                                                    3/4


Black Eagle                                                    3/4


Black Eagle Leather                                        3/4



Granite countertops resist damage from heat and scratch better than almost all other types of countertops. They’ll also last longer than most.


Maintenance of granite countertops is minimal, but not non-existent. It’s fairly resistant to staining from everyday use. But, being a naturally porous material, the tops need to be sealed with a readily available sealing product every year.

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